• 23rd September 2019


Misty Venetian Gondolas

Could be Las Vegas! But no its the real thing! A brisk winter morning with everything shrouded in mist. Autumn leaves still on the trees and the peals of Sunday morning church bells drifting across the water. it’s an assault on your senses that sticks in the memory, crying out to be repeated. Not sure it would ever be the same twice.

Venice was just magical, even out of season. Maybe that’s the point – we were able to walk freely alongside the back canals without all the summer crush. Yes, we missed out on the alfresco cafes but instead we were welcomed into the inviting warmth of various large coffees and brandies before venturing out again into the crisp morning air. It was just a completely different world.

Canal side activity - Venice

Venice back canal.

I have heard it said ‘that you can’t take a bad picture in Venice’. The enormity of the subject matter is certainly inspiring. The marble palaces are magnificent, the cathedral awesome but I also found beauty in the decaying grandeur that existed alongside everyday life.

Canal side cafe Venice

Canal side restaurant - Venice

Quality seconds shop Venice!

Venetian Balcony in winter

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