• 15th June 2019

Product photography

Decanter product photography

Product photography – the staple diet of the studio photographer! Not all photography is glamourous. It can be quite mundane, working with everyday products and if ecommerce is involved, it can be very repetitive. It falls far short of the … please read on

Ecommerce Photography – is image quality the only consideration in product photography?

Cufflinks for ecommerce photography

Perhaps you feel that budget is the prime consideration in ecommerce photography rather than quality? Which raises the question – what are the repercussions of an unrealistic budget? To start at the beginning and at the risk of stating the … please read on

Location Room Set Photography for Devonshire Pine

New Oak furniture for room set photography

Just recently, I have been involved with some Location Room set Photography for Devonshire Pine, a company who produce an excellent varied range of traditional pine furniture, made here in the UK. These images are mostly to be used in … please read on

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