• 20th February 2020

Swimming Pool Lights

Although commissioned in early spring, these images of Swimming Pool lights have only just seen the light of day on the company’s website. As this was a new venture from an existing lighting design business, utilising new and innovative designs, the start up process has understandably taken some time. Following best practise, I always wait for first use by the client before using the images on my website or blog.

The brief was to produce basic product photography of the items and their component parts. Following on from this, to produce a set of images that would enhance the website, produce maximum impact and help sell the product.

Components that make up swimming pool lightsThe photography of the product and component parts was always well suited to the usual white background techniques but we had many discussions about how to shoot the ‘interest’ images. The lights at this stage were basically prototypes, although I believe one or two did exist in swimming pools – somewhere! It did, however seem wise to shoot all the images in the studio where I could have total control over their environment and lighting. I was confident that with the aid of water tanks etc and with a little help from photoshop we could achieve the right result. Working with Caroline from the agency, we got the shoot underway and came up with a set of images.

3 Swimming pool lights

Swimming pool light with rays underwater

Whilst these images could be used on the website, they were a little too conventional and not quite what Sam, the client had envisaged. “No problem with the images, John, we just need to change the approach a bit for the rest!” As it turned out, what was needed was a more studio orientated feel for the imagery to maximise the impact of the swimming pool lights and perhaps get some water involved, which after all is their natural environment.

Water droplets on swimming pool light

Having achieved the desired effect it finally came to the banner shots, which by their nature needed to be far more dramatic. Sam mentioned, it was a pity we couldn’t really get them wet. If it’s not obvious enough already, years of working with lights and flash packs has taught me that throwing water around in the studio in an uncontrolled fashion is not a particularly good idea! Throwing caution to the wind and of course after conducting an in depth risk assessment, we came up with a plan! With the flash packs far enough away from the swimming pool lights, with lots of plastic and plenty of towels, we started throwing water at the lights in a very controlled fashion! And these were some of the results!

3 Swimming pool lights with water splashIf you are interested in finding out more about these lights, take a look at the website – www.lightwaterdesign.com

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