• 15th June 2019

Retro photography style. A Walk – sometime ago!

"Look Becca"!
At the weekend it was my son’s birthday. Having reached his last teenage year, as I suspect with most parents, it seemed like an ideal time to practice my embarrassing father skills! Judging from the reaction, or lack of, I think I need more practice! I came across these old images taken pre 2000. Maybe 97! Rather a retro photography style.

As I think you have gathered, these images were shot on film – digital was still in its infancy in those days. All my commercial work, by its very nature was and still is, required to be pin sharp, clean and precise. So when it came round to shooting for myself I always used to like destroying the image a little to give it a more painterly feel. This could be done in a variety of ways.

In this instance it was achieved with a very cheap 500mm mirror lens and pushing or ‘cooking’ the film. This involved increasing the ASA rating of the transparency film by as much as 3 stops so it required less light and increasing the first development time in the film processing to compensate. This had the effect of enhancing the grain structure of the film, breaking up the image and muting the colours. Rather like a pointillist painting when seen enlarged.

Retro photographic style image of kids on a walk

Kids on a country walk - a retro photography styleAll images © 2012 John Russell Photography.


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With 40 years in the business, John is an highly experienced commercial photographer. Specialising not only in all forms of studio work but also location and food. He has worked with many well known advertising agencies, both in London and the west country. His direct clients include many well known brands as well as aspiring business start ups.
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