• 18th August 2019

Packshot photography – Teoni’s Cookies

Packshot photography for Teoni's cookies

Biscuits and pack shots for Teoni’s Cookies

Packshot photography for Teoni’s cookies – a collection of award winning, delicious home made cookies.  And they are!

Teoni is justly proud of her unique collection of hand made cookies and the fact that only the very best ingredients are used in the process. Made to traditional recipes these cookies are also expertly hand baked in small batches to produce a very homemade result. This care and attention to detail is also mirrored in the packaging which is a 100% recycled cardboard box. With this in mind we needed to show the product for the packshot photography in a sympathetic background but not loosing sight of the handmade feel and texture of the cookies themselves.

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With 40 years in the business, John is an highly experienced commercial photographer. Specialising not only in all forms of studio work but also location and food. He has worked with many well known advertising agencies, both in London and the west country. His direct clients include many well known brands as well as aspiring business start ups.
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