• 18th August 2019

Jam Photography – Preserves and chutneys.


Waterhouse Fayre Brochure

A very enjoyable shoot to work on, for this local West Country family business, Waterhouse Fayre. Anne is justifiably proud of the quality of her preserves, traditionally made and using the best local produce – in some cases even home grown and picked for the pot.

The range of her award winning produce is impressive to say the least – strawberry jam that enriches even the best cream tea. A comprehensive range of chutneys, full of North Devon flavour that brings any salad to life. It doesn’t stop there, marmalades, jellies and seasonal preserves – best just to look on the web site. www.waterhousefayre.co.uk

All of these images were shot on location in Anne’s kitchen and dining room. Jam photography straight from where it was made. How fresh is that!

Marmalade selection from Waterhouse Fayre

Own recipe preserves from Waterhouse Fayre

Oh yes …. eventually some of the jars did get opened to show off the marmalade and jams in their natural habitat. Strawberry jam exists for a Devon Cream Tea. Blackcurrant jam needs to be immersed in yoghurt and what else would you do with Raspberry Jam but put it on ice cream!  “What do you think?” asked Anne as I freed another spoonful of strawberry jam from its confines and dropped it onto the bed of cream.   Well… you just can’t rush some decisions. I thought more tasting and testing was required to reach a measured and balanced verdict. After all, a decision made in haste can yield a lifetime of regret!

Things to with preserves

Christmas preserves by Waterhouse Fayre…and Christmas is coming!

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