• 25th January 2020

Flora Photography – Spring comes to the South West.

Beginning to feel like Spring has come to the South West of the country. At last!

Gives me a chance to take the camera and get into a bit of flora photography, a slight change from my day job! I love the challenge of photographing wild flora, finding the angles, waiting for the light and battling the wind. It’s all about texture form and shape but primarily about composition and perhaps selective focussing to isolate the subject within it’s environment.  To show the beauty and fragility of the bloom, captured in a moment of time, never to be repeated for that particular flower or petal. I shall keep practising.

The snow drops were captured in the wild and what an amazing show we have had this year. Here in the south west they have been prolific, adorning the hedgerows and riverbanks. The tulip image, not quite in the wild but shot at Eden in Cornwall. Always a great day out.

Snowdrops in the wild

Tulip and snowdrop Blooms

Cherry Blossom bloom

Pussy Willow bloom

The delicacies of the Cherry blossom and Pussy Willow were captured in the wild whilst walking Fizz, the Paterdale who regards my fascination with flora as an annoying diversion to the far more important subject of rabbit and fox hunting. If you follow this link to my photography site , more images can be seen in in the flora photography project gallery.

All images © 2013 John Russell.


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With 40 years in the business, John is an highly experienced commercial photographer. Specialising not only in all forms of studio work but also location and food. He has worked with many well known advertising agencies, both in London and the west country. His direct clients include many well known brands as well as aspiring business start ups.
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  1. I love these photos – especially the first one – absolutely stunning 🙂

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