• 25th January 2020

E-commerce Photography – a look at the basics.

E-commerce photography pageAs e-commerce has evolved, so have customers expectations.  Consumer confidence in a site is now of paramount importance. There are a number of considerations for an e-commerce site to be successful – the design of the site, its ease of use, the checkout process, stock, pricing and descriptions to name but a few.  All these things have to work in conjunction with one another to reach success and promote repeat business.

Group-1E-commerce Photography is just one element of the mix that has to be ‘spot on’.  Images need to be high quality, clean, crisp, with as much detail as possible. Many manufactures supply images of their products these days but there is a chance that they may not be up to standard. It is important to be critical of the quality – a low quality image or one that is just not large enough will not help to sell the product. At worst your customers may go elsewhere and prove difficult to win back. A good rule of thumb is an e-commerce site is only as good as the worst image or application on it. With that in mind it should be relatively easy with an objective eye to identify these areas and make improvements.

Wallets for e-commerce

Attention to detail and consistency are two of the most exacting requirements needed to set up and maintain a successful site. It demonstrates a certain pride in the site and product, enhancing the feeling of quality and value, so essential for repeat business. It will also go along way to creating the right first impression. This of course applies to e-commerce photography as well. Consistency in lighting, style and angle makes the images easy on the eye, important consideration when there is so much other information on the page.

E-commerce photography image of socks

These are recent examples of e-commerce photography shot for Joady Bell at Pure Sheepskin.

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With 40 years in the business, John is an highly experienced commercial photographer. Specialising not only in all forms of studio work but also location and food. He has worked with many well known advertising agencies, both in London and the west country. His direct clients include many well known brands as well as aspiring business start ups.
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