• 20th February 2020

E-commerce Photography and print – Zulu Cow

Zulu Cow  product photography

Zulu Cow is a new business emerging from the thoughts, hopes and aspirations of founder, Lucy Land. At the very heart of this ethical enterprise is a commitment to provide skilled and sustainable jobs for the Zulu people of South Africa.

This was a varied commission requiring product photography  in the studio and on location. To bring out the quality of the items, the photography needed a simple and consistent approach to lighting, layout, concept and design. By paying careful attention to the smallest detail in every image, the overall appeal of the website and of the finished brochure was enhanced.

Nguni cowhide products

This e-commerce photography did not require any complicated or ‘fancy’ lighting set up. All the merchandise was material based, without any reflective surfaces to worry about. I wanted to achieve a daylight feel to the images, keeping some of the natural shadows of the product, whilst retaining a no-tone white background. Naturally, as a start-up business, budget was a consideration and therefore post-production costs in photoshop needed to be kept to a bare minimum.

Llocation photography images

The location images were shot at Jurston Barn, near Wellington in Somerset. The house provided a great background for some ‘lifestyle’ images to add interest to the brochure and website content.  www.zulucow.co.uk

Zulu 4

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