• 15th June 2019

E-commerce and Product Photography shoot.


E-commerce photography shoot published example

Samsung phones

Second-hand Phones.

Although mentioned in the last blog, this is a more in depth look at an e-commerce and product photography shoot for Second-hand phones. There are a couple of points that make this shoot slightly out of the ‘norm’.

The second-hand element of this shoot is critical. The product needs to be lit and photographed in a way that shows the true condition of each phone without overselling the item. Using more ‘creative’ lighting  to show off the product could give the wrong impression and lead to the mobile being returned  – not desirable from anyone’s point of view. So these are really nothing less than accurate record shots.

From a budget and time point of view, it is not feasible to shoot every single phone in every technical configuration. From initial discussions, it was decided to shoot 3  variations of each phone – poor, used and excellent to show the general condition of every handset. The iphone images below are examples of the two extremes.

E-commerce and product photoPart of the brief, was to supply the images in high res’ for brochure use, as well as low res’ for internet applications. There was a concern that some of the web images, although under copyright, might be copied and used by the more unscrupulous competition. Unfortunately some auction sites on the web do not allow watermarks to obscure any part of the product. We decided to place each web image on the Second-hand company logo. Whilst this is far from an ideal solution to the problem, it does however mean that the images cannot be ‘lifted’ quite so easily and would need some photoshop work, clearly demonstrating an intention to breach copyright. Ownership can easily be proved by embedding relevant meta data into each file and regular checks made to ascertain any unlicensed usage. To save time, I was asked to supply every image on the logo artwork, ready for immediate upload to the web.

E-commerce and product photography shoot for second-hand mobile phonesThere are a number of considerations with this shoot that make it a tricky process. Bearing in mind, that to make this shoot financially viable for the client, I only get a few minutes to work on each phone. There are numerous problems with screen density, colour and textures of the mobiles. Making sure that white products read on the white background, checking that I didn’t shoot the phone as the time changes or as the screen shuts down. Small problems, but given the time constraints, every small problem adds to the time. Plus of course this is an on going project. So images shot later, maybe weeks later, must be consistent with the first set of images, in scale, angle and lighting. It takes a while to set this up.

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