• 25th January 2020

Ceramic Photography.


Ceramic photography of Vases by Taz Pollard

One of the nicest things about my job, is working with such diverse personalities on a wide range of products. Be it the confidence of established companies or the unfettered enthusiasm of young entrepreneurs starting their own fledgling businesses – it all gives me a buzz!

Ceramic photography trio of bowls by Tazz Pollard

The Ceramic photography with Taz Pollard was certainly no exception. Clearly motivated and passionate about her work, it was a pleasure to work with Taz. The type of ceramic photography she needed was not exactly groundbreaking but it did have some basic challenges, as you would expect from photographing mainly white objects on a white background.

Ceramic Photography of Balluster Jugs by Taz Pollard

Whilst my photography here is pretty straight forward, the same thing cannot be said of Taz’s work; recently being described as ‘ very innovative and brave in her use of material and colour.’  Who should say this? – None other than the Judges at The New Designers Awards held at The Business Design Centre in London in July this year. Describing her work as ‘ a fusion of utterly contemporary design which acknowledges her own local knowledge and background’ they awarded her the top ‘One year On’ award at this prestigious showpiece event. More remarkable indeed, as she won the award against stiff competition – sixty carefully selected aspiring individuals from a wide range of creative fields.

New Designers One Year On Part 1  award winner Taz Pollard with Isobel Dennis and Alex Monroe

New Designers One Year On award winner Taz Pollard with Isobel Dennis and Alex Monroe

Images of Ceramic artist Taz Pollard

Taz Pollard – Images by Michelle Ley.








If you would like to know more about Taz’s work and background – take a look at her website and blog,  tazpollardceramics.wordpress.com,  in which she describes many of the challenges of her work, as well as areas from where she draws her inspiration.

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