• 24th May 2019

Castle Hill & Gardens at Filleigh

Castle Hill Filleigh North DEvon

I had great pleasure in working recently for Lord Arun at Castle Hill in Filleigh. A very well known Palladian style house dating back to 1730 and set in 50 acres of magnificent gardens. It was primarily the Gardens and exterior aspects of the house that I had come to photograph one beautiful sunny morning in late spring.

Aspects of Castle Hill Filleigh

One morning though, is not long enough to do these gardens justice – they need to be visited several times through out the year, at differing times of the day to really capture everything that the gardens have to offer.

Views of Castle Hill Gardens - Filleigh

It was a  real pleasure to follow the meandering paths through flowering Magnolias, Azeleas and Rhododendrons looking blooming lovely in the late spring sunshine!

Castle Hill Blooms

But it’s not just about the ever changing Flora, there are formal vistas of Castle Hill itself to be admired as well the walled garden and numerous Follies.

Formal Gardens at Castle Hill

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