• 22nd January 2020

Bloomin Sexy

I had an enquiry from Carolyn at Bloomin Sexy  –  a fledgling lingerie company.  In Carolyn’s own words ” We firmly believe that women of all shapes and sizes should be able to feel comfortable but glamorous and sexy at the same time. We have developed our unique anti-chafe underwear in soft mesh, luxurious Italian satin, and embellished with German and French lace. The garments are not shapewear, instead they conform gently to the wearer’s natural curves.”

The photographic brief called for basic product shots showing the range of garments for the Bloomin Sexy web site, together with some page header and banner images. The product images were relatively straight forward to shoot. Using a simple and consistent approach to highlight the textures, shape and quality of the garments. They were all lit with a large window light and ‘fill in’ from a carefully positioned white polystyrene flat. The background was lit to a ‘no tone’ flat white to reduce the need to cut-out the profile images in photoshop.

Banner Images

These are a  little more challenging perhaps and certainly a lot less repetitive to shoot. We had gathered together a few props to use in the background. Using a strong sidelight and shielding the light from the background, injected the mood and subtlety I was after, leaving the right hand side clear for the product or page headline.

At a later date, I was really pleased to get the opportunity to shoot some more images in the studio and on location. These were to be used for the web and exhibition stands. From reviewing the market research it was felt that they should be ‘quirky and essentially English’.

For the location shots we were lucky to be able to use a large, sprawling Manor house in deepest darkest Devon! It offered many, many opportunities for a variety of ‘cameo’ shots both internally and externally, of which these are but a few.

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With 40 years in the business, John is an highly experienced commercial photographer. Specialising not only in all forms of studio work but also location and food. He has worked with many well known advertising agencies, both in London and the west country. His direct clients include many well known brands as well as aspiring business start ups.
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