• 19th October 2019

A North Devon Summer! Landscape photography.

Landscape photography - Nearly sunset on Exmoor

Nearly sunset on Exmoor

Well, we’ve had rain and then some for most of this summer so far. So I have no qualms about showing you these ‘blue sky’ shots of Exmoor on a typical summer evening. I am sure we are going to get some soon. Ever the optimist! Caught this one on my way back from a shoot (photographic!) at Lynton – a picturesque little village on the North Devon coast. Driving across the moor in my trusty Series 111 Landrover and there it was. Well I stopped and watched, as you do, until the moment was right.

Landscape photography of an Exmoor sunset

Sunset on Exmoor

I could tell you this was the same day but I would be lying. We had at least two good evenings last year! Shot just north of Simonsbath on high Exmoor looking west across Devon towards the Atlantic. Again just stopped and waited – til the dog got bored!

And lastly for now, this shot of Spekes Mill Mouth on the spectacular South West coastal path near Hartland. This is a small bay with some of the most amazing glacial rock features and a beautiful waterfall, which I suspect is quite lively right now. Surfers know this spot well – part sandy with rocky strata that hurts on contact!    …Ah well for now it’s all just a dream waiting to happen – maybe next week? Beautiful evening light for landscape photography.

Landscape photography of  a Waterfall and sunset at Spekes Mill Mouth

Sunset and waterfall at Spekes Mill Mouth. Hartland. Devon

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