• 25th January 2020

360° Rotation Photography

What is 360° Rotation Photography?

Basically a rotating image acheived by photographing the object in a number of set positions. When these images are seen together in quick succession, the product appears to spin on a central axis.

Why do you need Rotation Photography?

It is the perfect way to show every facet of a product, imparting maximum information in a quick and easy fashion. It can highlight a particular product on a page – invaluable from a marketing, training and educational stand point. It is, in effect a 3D image in a two dimensional medium enhancing your potential customers’ on line experience.

What are the benefits?

• Proven to increase Product Sales.
• Adds a new dimension to your site.
• Reduction in returned products.
• Gives a competitive edge.

360° rotation photography allows the product to stand out on the page, encouraging more click ‘throughs’ and providing a greater chance of converting this interest into increased sales.
Adds a new dimension to your website by making the experience more interactive. Potential customers can either watch the ‘spin’ or rotate the image manually in any direction, examining the product in detail and therefore making a better informed decision.
By imparting maximum information, this show case tool has been seen to significantly reduce customer returns over static images.
The increased click through rate and interactivity gives the website a modern, competitive edge.

What type or size of product can you rotate?

Virtually anything! Even people. With patience! One of the few requirements of the process though, is that the subject / product must have the abilty to either stay still or perform movement in a controlled and predictive manner.

Will this work for me?

In a word YES! It works on all platforms and browsers – from ie6 to any modern browser. Mac, Linux, Pc the lot! Even smart mobiles.
The jQuery code that powers the result ensures that this is possible rather than using the limitations of flash. Jquery also provides a more sophisticated result than that of a quicktime movie.

Why should you trust me with your Rotational Photography?

I have been involved with commercial photography for over 35 years. My reputation is based on a wealth of experience in photographing many differing products, listening attentively to my clients needs and always trying to interpret the brief in a way that surpasses those demands.
As an early adopter of digital photography, I embraced all areas of the medium, from photographic hardware, software programs to post production techniques, enabling me to give a uniquely different and valued service. I am both responsible for the product photography and the finished rotation plugin. All achieved in house to exacting standards.

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